How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018

How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018. If you are aware of risk and still want to Jump, then you should know everything about investing in Bitcoin stock before going to do so. For those who don’t know much about about Bitcoin, i have written an article before on it so go through it before you think of investing in bitcoin.

Bitcoin is made up of Blockchain technology and also known as cryptocurrency, however it cannot be called so now because the time Bitcoin came into market,its was the only Cryptocurrency but today there are many cryptocurrencies in the world. In short Bitcoin is also called BTC, it is a digital currency payment system created by the pseudonymous software developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018

Let’s get into the discussion, to invest in bitcoin stock you need to follow the following steps:-

1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

The very first step to start buying and selling Bitcoin is to have bitcoin wallet first. You can guess from its name that its a kind of digital account that makes selling, buying and storing of bitcoin very easy. You can easily create a bitcoin wallet online in a few minutes. Some sites like,, and are few popular sites for beginners to create their first wallet.

2. Link Your Bank Account To Your Wallet

Once you have created a wallet, now its time to fill it with bitcoin and for that you have to connect your bank account to your bitcoin wallet. It is just like setting up a PayPal account or signing up for a online payment service.

How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018

3. Buy Bitcoin With Money From Your Bank Account

After connecting your bank account with your bitcoin wallet and only after it’s been verified by bitcoin service, you can buy bitcoin by using money from your account and add it your wallet. Usually, there is a “Buy Bitcoin” labelled option on your wallet, by clicking which takes you through the transaction process where you can purchase BTC.

4. Use Your Bitcoin To Buy From vendors That Accept It


From last few year many businesses have started accepting bitcoin as valid form of payment. Some online retailers or vendors that accept BTC are wordpress, subway, zappos, whole foods,, Amazon, Victoria’s secret, You can easily buy from these sites using your bitcoin.

Some other large companies that have begun accepting Blockchain into their industries are IBM and Hitachi.

5. Sell Your Bitcoin To Another User Or On An Bitcoin Exchange

Unluckily, selling bitcoin is a very difficult task as compared to buying it. There is no easy way to turn your bitcoin into money and recieve it in your bank account. To sell your bitcoin, you have to sign up with any online bitcoin marketplace and once you find a buyer, you will complete the transaction through the website of otherwise deal directly with him/her. To do this, you have to register for a seller’s account and verify your identity.

Few online marketplace that offer online bitcoin selling service in US are Localbitcoins, Coinbase and CoinCola. In UK bittylicious and bitbargain are good options. In India, and are reputable places.

How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018

6. Purchase Bitcoin Regularly

How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018

If you extremely want to invest in bitcoin, you have to turn a small amount of your monthly income into virtual currency. Many Bitcoin wallet sites offer the option to set up regular withdrawls for buying bitcoins. After you have done this money will be withdrawn from your account at regular basis and used to buy Bitcoin automatically.

7. You Can Also Buy Bitcoin Locally

You can also buy Bitcoins locally from the sellers near you rather than pairing with anonymous online buyers from anywhere in the world. Meeting the sellers in person is better and more secure than meeting someone online.

8. Put Money Into An Investment Agency

Another secure option than buying and selling bitcoin directly is to put your money into an investment agency. Bitcoin investment trust is one that allows its users to buy and sell stock in the company. The trust then uses that money to buy and sell Bitcoins to make money for the investors, however the companuy’s share price is directly related to the price of Bitcoin. For some users it is the most preferable option as it enables expert investors at trust to manage their bitcoin accounts on their own.

9. Buy Low, Sell High

It is the core strategy for investors whether you are investing in Bitcoin Stock or buying company shares. Buying when the exchange rate is Low and selling when the Exchange rate is High. Unfortunately, since the Bitcoin market is so uncertain, it is so difficult to predict, when the price of bitcoin will fall or rise. So, somewhere Bitcoin investment is also a risky investment.

How To Invest in Bitcoin Stock 2018

10. Stay Updated With Market Trends

As we discussed above, Bitcoin market is so volatile i.e price of bitcoin keeps on changing or fluctuating time to time, it is never stable. So, it is for your best to stay updated with the changing market trends in marketplace. Bitcoin marketplace keeps on fluctuating and you may miss the best opportunites to make profits. So, it is necessary for you to keep a close eye on the exchange rate for best chance at success.

11. Buy More Stable Investments Using Your Bitcoin Wealth


If you want to stable your bitcoin wealth, use your bitcoin to buy commodities and stcoks . Many online sites allow its users to do this and is one of them which allows you to buy Gold using BTC. You can also sell your bitcoin and use that money to invest in the stock market or in bonds.

12. Convert Less Money Into Bitcoin

It is kind of risky investment, if you are making profit that’s good but if you losing, your financial condition will degrade. So, don’t put much money into Bitcoin as it can become unacceptable anytime and the consequences for riding too much money on bItcoin can be terrible.

In future there might be other ways to invest in bitcoin, but in 2018 only the above given ways are known.

Thanks for reading this article, come here again as i will keep on updating you with other latest market trends.

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