How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018 is the biggest question that comes in mind when someone thinks of pursuing his/her career in Real Estate Business.

Having a career in Real Estate is brilliant choice as it is one of the highest paid professions in the world. It is good for those people who have natural feel inside them to become a Real Estate agent, helping people find perfect house for them and helping them to sell their house for perfect price is very exciting.

Real estate agents can make as much as Lawyers and Doctors but becoming real Estate agent is not as easy as it might look. There’s a lot of hardwork behind it, it requires a deep dedication to become a successful real estate agents. Every year many people try to pursue their career in this business but only few succeed as it is not anyone’s cup of tea.

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018

So, here we will tell you few important things to get in your mind before entering this business. Let’s begin :-

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018

Basic Requirements :-

  • One should be atleast 18 or 19 years old
  • Should be a permanent citizen of the particular country you are living in or where you are going to be real estate agent.
  • Should have gone through the Pre-Licensing coursework which depends on the Country you are living in.

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018

Steps to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent :-

1. Research about the Licensing Course 

In some Countries it may be same but in most countries and in their different states real estate licensing process is very different. So, it is very necessary to go through the requirements of the pre-licensing and licensing coursework of the particular state where you want be a real estate agent. As you have to take course classes and for that you need to scout each and every corner of your state to get best course classes for yourself.

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018

2. Get a Real Estate Pre- licensing Course

It requires to take Pre-Licensing training course from a certified institution before you sit for a Real Estate Licensing Exam. Real Estate course can be taken online or as well as in person, which takes atleast 60 hours of Pre-Licensing training to be a Real Estate agent. While going through this course you will learn real estate principles and practices, real estate fundamentals, real estate finance, real estate law, real estate brokerage and many other things related to it. Take practice tests and sample questions online as many websites offer them freely. You can also check accredited institutions list on your state real estate commission’s website.

3. Get a Brokerage before Exam

Get a brokerage for yourself before you sit for a Licensing Exam as many state real estate tests ask for a brokerage before taking your exam. You need to do a thorough research to find a brokerage for yourself. Brokerages can be found online also as many brokerages eagerly welcome new agents because you will be helpful to them when you sell their property.

4. Take Real Estate Licensing Exam

After you have completed your Pre-Licensing training coursework, you are ready to apply for real estate licensing exam. Once you applied for License exam, you will go through the exam on a prescribed date. That exam includes math related questions containing multiple choice questions with 60 to 100 questions in each section (depends on the state test pattern). Exam paper is divided into two parts, one is Federal real estate Laws and General real estate principles.

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018

5. Activate Your License

Once you have passed the exam, next step is to activate your License through state real estate commission’s website. However, upon earning your license, you will need to pay to activate it and then they pay for membership to the multiple listing service so you can list properties. Expiry date of license depends on your country and state, however mainly it remains active from 2 to 4 years and after that you have renew it again.

6. Become a Realtor

A “Realtor” is a member of State or National association of Realtors, a licensed real estate agent can easily become a Realtor. To be a member of National Association Realtors offers various benefits, which includes access to real estate market data, discounts on education courses and many others. It also gives you special status by using Realtor tag on your business card marketing materials which adds to its credibilty.

7. Find a Real Esate Broker

In order to legally practice real estate business, you need to work under a supervising broker. It is so because a real estate agent is licensed to act on behalf of a broker and cannot act as independent agent. As referred above in point 3 to find a Broker during the Licensing process is good.

At last i want to suggest you that if you think that real estate is made for you then go for it because it is only the right choice for you.

I wish you Luck in your Aim….

How To Become a Real Estate Agent 2018






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