Some Unknown Facts about Science

Some Unknown Facts about Science. Our life is related to scientific facts or we can say that life is actually all about science and its facts. Science is full of fun, weird and amazing facts which we observe in our daily life. Some don’t even care about it and few of just start wondering what is scientific phenomenon behind it and thus begins the process of researching and gaining scientific knowledge.

Some Unknown Facts about Science

While some people don’t love science whereas some are always just curious the science from its roots. We learn lot of laws of nature and scientific facts in high school which are given in our Text books, however that dos not ends there, there are lot much more things to know about science, which are unknown to us.

Some Unknown Facts about Science

Some Unknown Facts about Science

So, here we bring you som of the weirdiest, funniest, mind boggling, mind blending, amazing and unknown facts about science.

Some Unknown Facts about Science

Let begin :-

1. Appendix is not Useless Organ

Some Unknown Facts about Science

Scientists suggest that appendix might not useless internal organ of our body at all. As it might play a role of secondary defensive organ for immune system, behaving as a safe house for gut bacteria.

2. Extreme Length of Human DNA

Some Unknown Facts about Science

There are 37 trillion cells in our body. Length of normal human DNA is enough to stretch from Sun to Pluto and bring back 17 times. It is so because a Human genome contains 23 DNA molecule, each containing on an average cm sized 2.5 nucleotide pairs. When unfolded all pairs its sum of total length is 2 * 10(14 times power) and the distance from sun to pluto and back is 1.2 * 10(13 times power) i.e its is enough of 17 pluto trips. \

3. The Eiffel Tower is 15 cm taller in Summer

It is due to the heating effect which is called thermal expansion, when particles expand and take up large volume. However, when the temperature drops its contracts again. This effect occurs in all states of matter i.e solid, liquid and gas. Thus all the large structures are built with expansion joints which allows them to expand and contract withour causing any damage.

4. Hawaii moves 7.5 cm closer to Alaska every year

This fact is in relation with the constant movement of the tectonic plates in the Earth’s upper mantle. Hawaii is in the middle of the pacific plate, which is slowly moving north-west towards the North-American plate, bakc to Alaska.

5. Female sharks have thicker skin than males

Researchers say that it is due to the fact that male sharks have a habit of biting female sharks skin while mating that’s why female sharks have thicker skin than males.

Some Unknown Facts about Science

6. Camels don’t actually store water in their humps

Water is stored in the camel’s bloodstream and not in the humps, hump just serves as a source of nourishment when food is scarce. A camel can drink 113 litres of waters in just 13 minutes.

7. Water can Boil and freeze at the same time

When the temperature and pressure is just right for the three states of substance to co-exist in thermodynamic equilibrium, this phenomenon is called ‘Triple Point’.

8. Average Human Lifetime walk is equals to 5 times around the world

Some Unknown Facts about Science

A human walks average 7500 steps a day, if this routine is maintained upto 80 years of life then the sum of total distance covered in those steps is equal to 5 times around the Earth, right on Equator.

Some Unknown Facts about Science

9. There are about 100 billion galaxies in the Universe

We are not alone in this universe because our universe is made up of more than 100 billion galaxies. There are about 100 billion stars in a normal galaxy and more than 100 billion earth like planets in Milky way alone.

10. Venus is the only planet that spins Clockwise

All the planets move around the sun in the same plane with sun at centre. All the planets have the same origin, thus when seen from above all the planets move around sun in counter-clockwise direction except Uranus and Venus, whereas Uranus spins on its side and Venus only alone spins in opposite direction i.e clockwise direction. It is due to the gigantic asteroids which knocked them off in the past.

Some Unknown Facts about Science

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