Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment

Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment

Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment. All of us fall ill in our everyday life due to different reasons. Very few know the reason behind it and masses do not know. If you are landed here that means you are among the masses. So, let’s begin.

Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment

Why do we fall ill - Prevention and Treatment

Some diseases are caused by bacteria, and some, such as AIDS and the common cold, are caused by viruses. Normally, our immune system protects us against diseases. But sometimes our body – because of too little sleep or a lot of stress – becomes so weak that the immune system does not work properly and we succumb to diseases.  Luckily, we can get ourselves vaccinated against some dangerous diseases.

Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment

Cold (Cough and Sneeze)

Why do we fall ill - Prevention and Treatment


First of all, When we have a cold, the disease causing germs reach the respiratory tract, and mucus builds in the ‘bronchia’. These are the branches of the air pipe that go inside the lungs. The body tries to get rid of this mucus by coughing vigorously and throwing the disease causing germs out of the lungs along with air. The same thing happens when we sneeze. The nasal mucus is stimulated and the nose starts to tingle. We have to sneeze and in this case also, the germs are thrown out forcefully.

Allergic Illness

Why do we fall ill - Prevention and Treatment

An allergy is the strong, often ‘exaggerated’, way in which the body reacts to a substance. An allergy tendency develops when the body learns to fight a certain substance strongly and in the wrong way. In case of hay fever, for instance, the patient experiences a bodily reaction to the pollen grains of certain plants. When these pollen grains are inhaled in the spring season, the nose swells up, the eyes become watery, and excessive sneezing starts. Allergic reactions can be reduced and controlled with the help of medicines.


Why do we fall ill - Prevention and Treatment

AIDS is the short form of ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’, which means having a defective immune system. It is the caused by virus named HIV which is ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’, which is transmitted during blood transfusion or sexual intercourse. Inside the body, the virus attaches itself to specific white blood cells, which are important for the body’s immune system. Subsequently, the virus penetrates these cells, destroys them, and produce new HIV viruses. If uncontrolled, the virus slowly destroys the entire immune of the body. Even minor illnesses like the common cold can assume serious proportions. There are medicines that can slow down the onset of AIDS, but none to completely cure it.

Antibodies Combat Diseases

Why do we fall ill - Prevention and Treatment

Apart from the skin as a protect covering, our body has a number of other defense mechanisms. The white blood cells and the lymphatic system play an important role in warding off diseases. Some important ‘lymph nodes’ are the tonsils and the spleen. Here, the white blood cells are taught which substances belong to the body and which do not. If foreign substances come inside the body, the macrophages or the killer cells start tracking and destroying them. Fever accelerates this process. However, if the fever rises above 42 degree Celsius, the proteins in the body clump together, get destroyed, and may cause death. If the body’s defense mechanism alone is not able to get rid of the diseases, we can take medicines to assist it.

Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment


Why do we fall ill - Prevention and Treatment

Finally, Vaccinations protect us against life-threatening infectious diseases. Vaccination is the injection of weakened or dead disease causing germs into the body. The immune system reacts to the weakened germs of a disease just as it would if the body was actually infected with that disease. The immune system of the body fights with the germs by producing antibodies. In this way, the body recognizes and notes the type of the germ and learns how to combat it. If the actual disease causing germs enter the body later, the body recognizes and destroy them before they can cause any harm. We need to be vaccinated against life-threatening illnesses like ‘tetanus’ (lockjaw disease), which is often caused by minor injuries, diphtheria, which causes difficulty in breathing, and polio, which causes severe damage to the nervous system.

Hence i hope, you got your answer.

FACTS TRIVIA:- Did you know that…

1. 3 million people die of AIDS worldwide annually.

2. While coughing, air is thrown out of the mouth at a speed of over 800 km/h. Jet planes fly at this speed !

3. The practice of vaccination is only about 200 years old. Earlier, about one-third of the world’s population died from highly infectious diseases such as smallpox.

4. People can be allergic to different substances. Birch Flowers, grasses, colors, milk, nuts, apples, smoke – anything can cause an allergy.

Why do we fall ill – Prevention and Treatment












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