Use of Computers in Modern World

Use of Computers in Modern World. Today, small computer chips that give instructions via electrical impulses are present in almost all the devices such as cars, televisions, coffee machines, and mobile phones that we use daily. They also control the robots that explore inaccessible areas such as volcanoes. Even on the distant planet of Mars, the exploration vehicle ‘Sojourner’ could be controlled with the help of computers.

Use of Computers in Modern World

Use of Computers in Modern World

Nano robots help doctors in fighting diseases. Without computer chips there would be no CD-ROM’s or simulation programs, which are frequently used for training and research purposes.

Programming Languages

Use of Computers in Modern World

A computer needs clear instructions, called programs, which are written by programmers. Today, our demands from computers are very high: Process images, compare thousands of medical data, send e-mails, and instruct robots to build a car and many more. Different programming languages were developed over a period of time to meet all these requirements. With some languages, you can write commands to process data in a database, with others, robots can be controlled perfectly.

Robots Exploring Volcanoes

Use of Computers in Modern World

In 1994, a climbing robot by the name of Dante II was sent for the first time to explore the interior of a volcanic crater in Alaska. After entry into the crater, the measuring devices and cameras, hidden in the legs of the robot, started exploring the dangerous terrain. By analyzing the data and the images received from the surroundings, an on board computer calculated each step of the robot. It was able to overcome boulders as high as 1 m and descended 70 m deep in the volcano before crashing. Fortunately, it had sent all the data collected and the images to the research station via satellite before it crashed.

Robot ‘Sojourner’ on Mars

Use of Computers in Modern World


Sojourner, the small exploration vehicle that landed on Mars in July 1997, was controlled by the ground station of the American space authority NASA. Commands were sent to the Sojourner from there. It was asked to travel over the surface of Mars, take photographs, soil samples, and lots more. There were glitches too. On the first day, Sojourner collided with a rock because it was travelling too fast. And sometimes the computer on board ‘rebooted so the robot ‘forgot’ what it was supposed to do.

Use of Computers in Modern World

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‘Nano’ is derived from the Greek word ‘nannos’, which means ‘dwarf. Everything that starts with the word ‘nano’ is usually diminutive. Nano-robots are not bigger than a thousandth of a millimeter and can be even smaller. For instance, 1 nano meter is a thousandth of a
thousandth of a millimeter. Nano-robots help doctors in difficult operations. The research that is being carried out on magnetic nano-robots suggests that they can be released in the blood and can attach themselves to cancerous growths. If a rotating magnetic field is applied to the body of the cancer patient, the small magnetic robots in the cancerous tissue would start rotating. As a result, the cancerous growth would heat up and die.


Use of Computers in Modern World

A CD-ROM is a plastic disc with a thin aluminium layer from which music, texts, and other data can be retrieved. Like everything else in the world of computers, these files are also stored in the numeric sequence of 1 and 0. In this case,there are tiny grooves for 1 or none for 0. A laser beam in the reader scans these grooves, which reflect the laser beam in different ways. From these laser reflections, the chip in the computer or in the CD player deciphers the data present on the CD, which could be music, text, photos, or complete programs.

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Use of Stimulation Programs

Use of Computers in Modern World

Simulation programs are used for training in areas where the possibility of something going wrong is very dangerous. For instance, a trainee pilot does not fly an aircraft just after training. Before that he practices at a simulator, which behaves like an aircraft, but is on
the ground so it does not crash if the pilot makes a mistake. We can also simulate a fault in a power plant or a tsunami, Trainees must demonstrate that they can handle the crisis effectively. It is one of the most effective use of computers in current scenario.

Use of Nanotechnology in Computers

Use of Computers in Modern World

Professor Taniguchi of Tokyo Science University used the word “Nanotechnology” to describe the science and technology of processing or building parts with nano-metric tolerances. Nanotechnology is defined as the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale.  The extensive use of computer and its wide application in the modern world have forced the researchers to improve and manufacture a smaller, faster and a more reliable computer.

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Trivia:- Did you know that…

1. The Mars robot ‘Sojourner’ was launched in December 1996, but landed on Mars after 7

2. A DVD can store the contents of 25 CD’s? The reason for this is that the data grooves on a DVD are very close to one another.

3. A football world cup for robots was also held during the world cup football in 2006? In the opening game, Germany defeated Japan by 3:0.

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